Fender Acoustic Guitar For Beginner


Fender FA 100 is a product specialized for Acoustic guitar. Fender is one of the best well known names in the guitar-manufacturing industry. The company has manufactured guitar since 1930 and it have entered the acoustic guitar business for nearly 10 years. It is a general introduction about the brand Fender which gains the popularity among professional guitarists because of its reputation. In this paper today, I would like to share you some useful information about the Fender FA-100.

Fender acoustic guitars have the different colors such as natural satin, black and sunburst. The Fender Fa 100 is the best selection for the players who are searching for the lowest price products with the basic features. It can be seen as a suitable option for those who just start to play the guitar.

Because it is a very basic instrument which has the entry-level characteristic, players have not much to expect from this guitar except the sound quality. This is not a right guitar for the experienced and professional players who require a lot from their instrument.


  • The guitar is designed with the laminate Spruce top which is typical for most of the guitar besides basswood back and sides.
  • It is a full-size guitar so it is the best selection for the beginners and the advanced players.
  • Its body is also called dreadnaught which is known as a popular acoustic guitar style
  • The fret board is flexible; therefore you can press the finger down easily.
  • The strings are very close to the fret
  • The guitar has a lot of mounted buttons which have the forward strap and clock reinforcement.
  • The guitar also provides traditional bridge and fender pick guard.
  • The guitar has the headstock shape which is popular in Fender music instrument


The Fender guitar can bring you a lot of benefits which can create a favorable condition for you to have a good music performance.

  • Package: The guitar comes with a lot of items such as gig bag, picks, and electronic tuners.
  • Full size: it is full-sized guitar instead of half size or ¾ size as the normal type; therefore it can be used by the experienced guitarists.
  • Affordable price: It is one of the cheapest guitars with the basic features in the market comparing to other types of guitar from other manufacturers.
  • It is easy to carry. It is a quite light guitar for you to carry from one place to other places. It is a perfect product for both big and small players to carry.


  • It doesn’t offer the extensive playability
  • The sound quality is not very high quality. If you are just a beginner, you may not find the difference of the sounds between different acoustic guitars but the professional ones will figure out the differences.

The Verdict

It is a high quality Fender acoustic guitar which is available at the affordable price for everyone. This product has an attractive appearance with the good sustain and basic standard sound quality.

When purchasing this guitar, you also have some other useful items such as pick guard shape, strap and tuners.

This amazing guitar will have a lot of things included in the package:

  • Gig bag: This useful item will be excellent for you when travelling with your guitar. You can store our guitar on this bag for protecting it from the impact outside.
  • Strap: it is a tool to help you take a seat wherever you want to play the guitar. It is also helpful for those who is standing and performing.
  • Electric tuner: it is an indispensible thing for any beginners because it can help them to play the guitar easily.
  • Extra strings: In case your current strings are broken, you can make use of the extra strings to replace them. With these items, you will save an amount of money in purchasing strings for replacement.

The Fender acoustic guitar is an amazing instrument for all the players no matter how much money they have. It will create a chance for them to practice and improve the talents on the daily basis.