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• Album: Beautiful Things

Green spent years facing post-hardcore bands such as Circa Survive and Saosin. Over these past few years, he has become fixated on growing his solo career, and he did so with the album, “Beautiful Things”. Across about 13 tracks, Green moves beyond his roots, making reference to country, pop, and punk for the effort that validates his enormous musical breadth.

The album is a little bit all-encompassing and not one particular tone. Representing the album’s core sensibility, “Blood Song” is a rugged homage to the country, made complete with a guitar and with vocals such as a hillbilly Rivers Cuomo. This lyrical content is the standard Green-ian poetry.

Stirring down the melodic spectrum, the song “When I’m On Pills” employs reggae as well as psych-rock to discover love and dependency, forming a faint feeling that creates a captivating change of pace. The song, “Do It Right” subsists as a borderline between the country experimentation and modes; it’s a message in vocal complexity and harmonies, just like a campfire hoe-down. The tracks excel due to their consistency with the Green sonic resume as well as samples of his uplifting inventiveness.

Some songs of this Album

“Blood Song”

“How It Goes”

“Moon Song”

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• Young Legs

There are so many tracks on the ‘Young Legs’ album which are sincerely beautiful bits of music, with the title track being a part of them. The jaunty intro opens the way to a stripped back instrumental with the star crooning over them, and singing in his trademark emotive tones. It is a moving song with a slanted final verse which makes him sound ethereal.

The entire song comes together in a spectacular mesh of complementing resonances, a haunting ensemble of both love and pain, and it is one of the toughest moments on the ‘Young Legs’ album, as well as the most emotional. The stripped back track named ‘I’ll Miss You’ is a similarly gripping melody, being an excellent song which enables Green to offer some of his best goosebumps-inducing words since the ‘Spirit of The Stairwell’ track.

Even the shortest track ‘Stolen’ succeeds in being touching, despite only having a few lines. Credit needs to be given to the producer, Mr. Will Yip, who gave it a polished shine

Best Songs of Album Young Legs

“I’ll Miss You”

“Young Legs”



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• Album: Avalon

Avalon is generally a somber, acoustic affair, and has the main exception of being lead-off single named “Dear Child (I’ve Been Dying To Reach You)”. It is the frankest pop song Green’s has ever written, covered in high-gloss sheen and just enough grit; the song sounds like it may have come from the recent album of Used. What is really thrilling about the song, however, is Green’s vocal delivery. Green sounds focused and thoughtful with each lyric, with a bite not overheard since recording the group’s Translating the Name song. The remainder of this record apart from the Album Leaf-esque instrumental called “Springtime Out the Van Window” is folksier and stripped-down due to Green’s backing band, the Good Old War.

The most lyrically honest track is the disc’s shortest and is under two minutes. In “Slowing Down (Long Time Coming)” Green was seen openly confessing his relationship with somebody. It was considered bold since Green is now happily married to his beau, it makes a listener respect his candor and openness even more. It takes a particular kind of person to be mentally grounded and emotionally intense as he is melodiously gifted; Anthony Green is that man.

The biggest themes found in Green’s lyrics on the Avalon album are love, redemption, and forgiveness.

Best Songs of Album Avalon

“Dear Child (I’ve Been Dying To Reach You)”

“Baby Girl”

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Anthony Green: Biography

Anthony Green, an American musician, was born on April 15, 1982, and he is from Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The artist is currently the Saosin and Circa Survive lead singer, while also sustaining a solo career. Green was previously a member of The Sound of Animals Fighting, Jeer at Rome, Audience of One, High, and Driving, as well as Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer. He is also well-known for his extraordinary tenor vocal range.

Green’s first band was formed in 1997 during his stay in high school. He formed it with his classmate, Tommy Dougherty and it was called Junction 232. This band originally had Green on vocals and bass and Dougherty on guitar. Eventually, they enlisted a drummer called Evan Madden. Green initially wanted to name their band ‘Saosin’, but Madden and Dougherty didn’t like the idea. Before deciding on “Audience of One,” they ran a few shows with the name “Handsome Pete” sometime in 1998 and another show under “The Bill Bixby Experience”. The group had problems with the drummer’s availability to play or even practice for shows, so they sought a new drummer.

Anthony Green has consistently been a complex musician and lyricist with no reservations about pouring every part of himself into any music he plays. Emotion and honesty have always remained his top priorities, and it makes him one of American music’s most genuine and interesting characters. His album, ‘Young Legs’ is packed with reflections, musings, and heartfelt sentiments.

The original lineup of the star’s current band, Saosin comprised of Beau Burchell (guitar), Anthony Green (vocals), Justin Shekoski (guitar), Pat Magrath (drums) and Zach Kennedy (bass). Their first album, which was an EP, consisted of 5 songs and was recorded in the early part of 2003. The band recorded a great success as Translating the Name sold over 62,000 copies.

Green quit the band in 2004 and reunited with them in 2014 for a surf festival. Read more about Anthony Green